education station


I intend to cover more on why I left my job. Call me crazy. Call it cathartic.

I’ve wanted to share my story for a little while. Then the other day, JB sent me this.

…By the 3rd month I had to take a personal day off because I couldn’t get it together. I came to school one morning sat in a meeting and cried. I cried and cried and I didn’t even know why I was crying. I was overwhelmed. I had to teach drawing and I can’t draw. Yes, I have a degree in art but no, I don’t think I can draw well enough to teach other people how to. I hated drawing. I used to fall asleep in the middle of drawing still lifes. I hated them. They were so stupid to me. I hated perspective, I hated contour line drawing, I hated shading, anything drawing related I had no desire to do, yet I was supposed to teach my classes the same thing and get them to succeed.

I think my heart actually skipped a beat.

Teaching is not the wine-and-roses profession that some people believe it is. It can be exceptionally draining, demanding work. Trust me when I say that those out there who equate a job in education with easy work are, sadly, deluding themselves.


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