status report

News/How I’m doin’. ;)

1. A few hours ago (this post was written after midnight) I discovered something absolutely, incredibly wonderful…Purely by accident.

Seriously. It was weird.

Imagine going into the kitchen for some random food, only to learn that someone baked you a pie. But not just any pie…


Now…imagine feeling that thrill multiplied by at least 1000 times. 😀

I won’t offer any details just yet. But I’m truly ecstatic. It’s been a while since I’ve had something this big to be thankful for. A part of me feels as though I’ve experienced one of life’s wonders. I’m truly thankful to God for His gifts.

Here’s a song to celebrate.


There’s one aspect of this news that I need help with. Rather than tell you outright what it is, I’m going to take a cue from a post that I read on another blog, and ask you to pray without revealing any specifics.

Somehow, though…I feel uplifted and confident about the outcome of this impending phase of life. I will let you know how everything goes.

2. I think the spell has finally been broken. You know. The one where I write and work on bits and pieces and never submit anything?

Wha…? You don’t know…?

Well…That’s over. I’ve been wrestling with fear lately. And I think I’m learning how to give it a proper arse-kicking.

I’ve come to accept writing as my divine vocation. There are a variety of things that have made it very clear to me that I have to see it as my J-O-B.

I mean…I think this is something that I’ve always known. But accepted…?


Our gifts were not meant to be held so tightly. Rather, I think we ought to give them away.

Or sell ’em, if we can. 😉


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